Calmette has known in recent years a remarkable increase in its activities. It has developed a strategy to meet a growing demand of the population, the level of demand increases.
To go one step further, the hospital has based its strategy on four major areas:

► Implementation of new activities:

  • New surgical ICU
  • Center of neurosciences with advanced neurosurgery, medical and surgical neurological consultation and hospitalization
  • Obstetrics: extension of new maternity facility with new operating theatres
  • Cancer: construction of a building housing the consultations, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, bone marrow transplant, palliative care
  • Cardiology: 2 rooms of operating theater will be reserved for interventional cardiology

► Extension of buildings and equipment: This is the most expensive and most visible part of the strategic development plan, which needs to have significant human and financial resources, but also to benefit from a quality technical support for the definition of the technical conditions of realization.

► Development of human resources with a view to improving quality of services, the strengthening of human resources are considered essential. It is in this dimension that Calmette Hospital has already been put forward its added value. In terms of human resources, Calmette hospital continues to assert its specificity through a decidedly proactive policy in both quantitative and qualitative point of view. Already in the last five years, recruitment has resulted in a significant increase in staff.

► Establishment of a quality approach:
In Cambodia, there are private certification systems from the industry, but not yet public hospital accreditation. In order to participate in the preparation of such an approach, Calmette Hospital plans to establish a quality-based approach at the facility.