General ICU

General ICU provides support for patients whose conditions are potentially life-threatening. These patients are under constant and close monitoring support for their organ systems from specific equipment and medication to keep the body functioning normally while they recover.

The aim is to get patients well and stable enough so they can be moved to a less intensive care environment, or a hospital ward.

Two things that make care in the general ICU different from a regular hospital care area are the nursing support and the special type of equipment in use. ICU nurses are specially trained to care for the most ill patients. The ICU team uses a number of specialized machines and devices (monitor, ventilator, and electric pump, hemodialysis machine…) to support their skills.

The team’s pride is based on an interdependent and harmonious collaboration from varied in-hospital specialists such as ones from gastro-enterology, gynecology-obstetrics, cardiology, pulmonary, neurology, physiotherapy and specialized labs.

General ICU also provides emergency hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for acute and chronic kidney failure people for whom dialysis is a life saving measure.

General ICU staff members have a safety culture and provide a patient-centered care with an up-to-date knowledge and experiences.